General settings

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure JungleMail for Office 365 Communication Site and Global Settings

To open settings


To access and modify the Communication Site Settings, you must have the Administrator permission role.
To access and modify the Global  Settings, you must have the Global Administrator permission role.

Open the app and click on the gear icon on the top menu bar. Then, select a setting category.

Sending accounts

In the Sending Accounts tab, you can to add or modify accounts and email addresses the app uses to send your newsletters. You will also be able to configure sending account options for other JungleMail users in your organisation. To learn more, see Configuring sending accounts.


In the Connections tab, you can set up integrations with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange to be able to send to recipients in those sources. To learn more, see Sending to recipients in Office 365 (AD) groups and Sending to recipients in dynamic distribution groups.


In the Analytics tab, you can configure analytics segmentation and grouping and analytic data pseudonymization.


In the Archive tab, you can configure where your JungleMail newsletters will be saved. To learn more, see Archiving newsletters in SharePoint.


In the Automation tab, you can configure integration with Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow) to automate newsletter approval or other processes. To learn more, see Power Automate integration and Newsletter approval with Power Automate.

Content Targeting

In the Content Targeting tab you can specify where your newsletter subscriber data is stored, allowing JungleMail to connect to that list to deliver personalized content for each recipient. To learn more, see Sending internal newsletters based on subscription preferences.

Site Users

In the Site Users page, you can manage User access to the current Communication Site, assign default permission role of the new users, and modify current user permissions.

Other Settings

In the Other tab, you can configure miscellaneous options for the app.

Additional Email Recipients: add email addresses that will receive a copy of your newsletter regardless of whether they are included in the recipient source.

Additional Report Recipients: add email addresses that will receive a copy of your newsletter report in addition to the job author.

Time Zone: select the time zone relevant to your recipients.

Regional Settings: select how Date and Time, numbers and percentages will be formatted.

Analytics Data Pseudonymization: this feature prevents storing and displaying any data that could be used to identify recipients. To learn more, see Analytics Pseudonymizer.

Template Default Theme: select a default theme for your newsletter. To learn more, see Using themes.

Template Categories: modify which tabs will be displayed in the Templates section step.

Recycle Bin

On the Recycle bin page, you can see and restore deleted newsletters, templates, drafts, saved sections, and images.

All Users

On the All Users Page, you can manage all JungleMail 365 Users and assign Global Administrators.

Communication Sites

On this page, you can create and manage JungleMail 365 Communication Sites.

Permission Roles

In the Permission Roles tab, you can create and modify permission roles available to assign to app users. To learn more, see Creating permission roles.

Blocked Emails

In the Blocked Emails tab, you can see email addresses that unsubscribed or bounced. To learn more, see Understanding bounces.

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