JungleMail Global Administrator

Global administrators in JungleMail can manage all JungleMail Sites, Users, Permissions and create and access a Cumulative Reports site where statistics from all JungleMail Sites are aggregated.

Requesting Global Administrator permissions

You can request Global administrator permissions in JungleMail Settings by opening one of the Global Settings pages and clicking the Request global administrator permissions button. Othewise, you can request global administrator permissions by contacting support@enovapoint.com

After that, you can assign the Global Administrator permission role to other users in JungleMail settings > All Users by editing other Users' profiles in JungleMail.

What can Global Administrators do?

  • Mange JungleMail Sites and JungleMail Site permissions.
  • Invite Users to all JungleMail Sites. You can also invite users to a single JungleMail Site. Read more in our article.
  • Create and access the Cumulative Reports site.
  • Create and manage custom permission roles in JungleMail.
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