Global and Default templates (Enterprise Feature)

In JungleMail, you a JungleMail Global administrator can create and configure the default template that will be loaded when a user clicks " Start from Scratch". Also, regular users can submit templates to become Global templates.They will be saved in a separate site for approval. Once approved by the JungleMail Global Administrator, the template will be shown to all users on all JungleMail sites.

To configure Global and Default templates, you need to create a Cumulative Reports site first.

Global Templates

JungleMail Global templates are templates that are accessible on all JungleMail sites. They have the green globe icon at the bottom of the thumbnail.

JungleMail Global administrators can create a new Global Template on the Cumulative Reports and Branding site by navigating to the Global Templates tab and selecting Create global template.

Once the template is finalized and Saved, it will appear under the Pending approval tab.

To approve the template, the JungleMail Global Administrator should select the "More options" button by hovering over the template and clicking Publish.

Alternatively, regular JungleMail users can submit a Global template from their site by choosing the Copy to global option when hovering over a template. This will initiate the same approval process for JungleMail Global administrators and only once the template is approved, it will be visible in

Default Template

A JungleMail Global Administrator can create a custom template that will replace the built-in default template. The Default template can be replaced on all JungleMail sites via the JungleMail Global settings, or on a single site via the Site Settings.

To create a new Default template, you should navigate to the Cumulative Reports and Branding site, open the Global templates page, switch to Default (blank) tab, and select Create blank template.

Do not forget to Save the template. Once the default template is saved, you can apply it on the Global level to all sites via the Global Settings, or on a Site level via Site Settings.

Navigate to the appropriate Settings (Site or Global) and switch to the Branding Tab. Under Templates, select the dropdown menu for the Default Drag & Drop Builder and choose the appropriate template to apply as the default. Do not forget to save the changes.

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