Understanding bounces

In JungleMail for Office 365, you can see when your newsletter isn't delivered to one or more of your recipients. In this tutorial, you will learn more about different bounce types and how to access bounce statistics in the app.

About bounces

A bounce is an event where an email is rejected by a recipient's email server. There are two main bounce categories: a soft bounce and a hard bounce.

Soft bounce

A soft bounce means that your newsletter cannot be delivered for a temporary reason. Among other reasons, an email soft bounces when:

  • Mailbox is full (over quota);
  • Recipient email server is down or offline;
  • Email message is too large.

Hard bounce

A hard bounce means that your newsletter cannot be delivered for a permanent reason. Among other reasons, an email hard bounces when:

  • Recipient's email address doesn't exist;
  • Recipient's email server has completely blocked delivery;
  • Domain name doesn't exist.

In JungleMail for Office 365, bounces are only registered if you are using our built-in server as your sending account. If you're using the app to send internal newsletters, we recommend to whitelist the built-in server's IP addresses ir your organization's spam filter settings to make sure your emails are delivered.

When an email bounces, the recipient's email address it is automatically added to the Blocked Emails page. This address also automatically excluded from your future newsletter campaigns, even if it is still in your recipient list.

Open the Blocked Emails page

1. Open the app and click on the gear icon, then select Blocked Emails.
2. Switch the Show toggle to Rejections.

The Rejections list registers all the email addresses that bounced for any reason. This list is global for all site collections. In the list, beside other data, you can see the bounce type and reason. Note that you can delete addresses from this list by clicking the recycle bin icon; JungleMail for Office 365 will no longer exclude those addresses from newsletter campaigns.

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