Template management

In this JungleMail for Office 365 tutorial, you will learn how to open built-in templates or create new ones with Drag & Drop Builder.

Using built-in templates

Built-in templates is the quickest way to start working on your newsletter design. Out of the box, you can select from drag-and-drop templates or HTML templates.

To open a built-in template:

1. Open the app and select the Templates section.

2. Select the Gallery tab, then select JungleMail Templates in the drop-down menu.

Note that HTML templates are marked with a corresponding label.

3. Hover over a template and click Select to load it or Preview to take a quick look at the contents.

Drag-and-drop templates are loaded in Drag & Drop Builder, whereas HTML templates open in Rich Text Editor.

Creating a new template

There are two ways to create your own template in JungleMail for Office 365: you can either modify an existing template or create one from a blank page.

1. Open a template from Gallery or click Start from Scratch to start from a blank slate. Note that you can also open the drop-down menu to select a template builder.

2. Once you've made changes to the template content, click Save > Save as Template at the bottom right corner of the builder.

Note: you can also select Save as Draft to save the entire job, i.e., the template together with campaign settings such as recipient configuration, email subject etc. Drafts can be found in the Drafts tab.

3. Enter the template name and the subject title, then click Save.

Saved templates are available in the Templates tab.

Note: if you save a template without changing its name, JungleMail for Office 365 creates a new version of this template in the Templates tab. Template versioning helps prevent accidental overwriting of template content. To learn more, see Template versioning.

Exporting and importing

This feature is useful if you want to, for example, move templates between JungleMail sites.

For Drag & Drop templates

To export a template:

1. Open a template in Drag & Drop Builder.

2. Select Actions > Export template.To import a template:

1. Open the app and select the Create Newsletter section, then select the Content step.

2. Select  Actions > Import template, then select the template file you want to import from your computer.


1. Open the app and select the  Create Newsletter section, then select the Template step.

2.  Click  Start from Scratch, then select Import Template from the dropdown and select the template file you want to import from your computer.

For HTML templates

To export/import a template:

1. Select an HTML template to load it in HTML Editor.

2. Click the Source button, then select and copy the newsletter source code.

3. Open the app in another JungleMail site and paste the code in the HTML Editor. Then, save your newsletter template.

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