Adding preheaders

A preheader is a small bit of text a user sees next to the subject before actually opening an email itself. In this JungleMail for Office 365 tutorial, you will learn how to add preheaders to your newsletters and increase your open rate.

To add a preheader

1. Go to the Content step of your newsletter.

2. In Drag & Drop Builder, select the Design section on the right.

3. In the Preheader field, enter your preheader.

Example of a good preheader

A good preheader invites the reader to click on the email and to read on. You could achieve this, for example, by directly addressing the recipient by adding a placeholder for their first name.

Example of a bad preheader

If you don't add a preheader text, the recipient will be shown the first couple of lines of the email content. This might happen to be an introduction, but it could also be a meaningless date or image URL – neither of which will work well. Just like the subject text, a preheader is very important to create the first impression and avoid surprises.

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