Can I use information from my SharePoint Online to personalize newsletters?

Yes. You can use metadata from SharePoint columns in your recipient list to personalize newsletters in JungleMail for Office 365. There are three ways to do this.

1. Insert placeholders

1. Select the Text block that you want to link to SharePoint data.

2. In the block editor, select Columns.

3. Select the column title and click Insert.

4. Save block settings.

2. Add placeholders manually

You can also insert a column name or a formula inside {[Column Name]} brackets. See Using formulas.

3. Use list columns in the subject field

It is also possible to use list metadata in the email subject field. To specify a column, use the Columns button or insert a placeholder manually. Copying and pasting placeholders from content blocks works, too.

Preview results

All placeholders will be replaced with values from your SharePoint. You can check the results on the Preview step.

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