Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin feature allows JungleMail for Office 365 users recover deleted newsletter templates and other items. 

About Recycle Bin

Any object that you can delete in JungleMail for Office 365 (except items in the newsletter body) can be restored from Recycle Bin. You can delete as many items as you like, and they are stored in Recycle Bin indefinitely.

Deletable items

  • Newsletter templates
  • Drafts
  • Company Templates
  • Company Themes
  • Saved sections (in Drag & Drop Builder)

  • Images in Image Gallery

Note that to be able to delete some items, users must be assigned a permission role with appropriate permissions.

To restore deleted items

1. Open the app, select the gear icon, then select Recycle Bin.

2. Hover over the item that you want to recover, and click Restore.

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