Using images

In this JungleMail for Office 365 tutorial, you will learn the basics of adding, uploading and editing images. 

To add an image

From the gallery

1. Add an image block to the template or select an existing one, and click Browse.

2. In the image gallery, hover over the image you need and click Select.

Via image URL

1. Add an image block to the template or select an existing one.

2. In the URL field of the block settings, enter a public image URL address.

To add images to the gallery

1. Click on the Actions menu, then select Open image gallery.

2. In the gallery, click Upload images.

You can also drag and drop an image or multiple images into the gallery from your computer.

To add a background image

1. Select a section, go to the Style tab and switch the Background Image toggle to On.

2. Click Browse and select the image you want to add to the background. Check the boxes below if you need to make further adjustments to image style.

Please note that not all email clients support background images. If that happens, the section background color will be displayed instead. Make sure this color works well with the rest of your content.

To edit an image

1. Select the image block and click the Edit icon on the upper right corner of the block. You can find the same icon while hovering over the image in the gallery, too. Another option is to click Edit image in the Content tab.

On the left sidebar of the image editor, you will find 7 tabs, allowing you to quickly change the general look and feel of the image and to see the results instantly.

  • Transform: change image size and aspect ratio
  • Filters: add filters (Black & White, Vintage, Cold etc.)
  • Adjust: change brightness, saturation, shadows etc.
  • Focus: add focus (radial, linear etc.)
  • Text Design: add text and text style
  • Frames: add frames (Wood, Art Decor etc.)
  • Overlays: add overlays (Clouds, Paper, Bokeh etc.)

2. Feel free to combine different effects and revert changes with the Undo button. Once you are happy with the result, click Save.

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