Drag & Drop Builder features

In this JungleMail for Office 365 tutorial, we will overview some of the multiple features available to you in Drag & Drop Builder:

  1. Process Dynamic Blocks and Sections
  2. Inherit Style from Body
  3. Show/Hide Grid
  4. Image gallery
  5. Background image
  6. Image editor

1. Process Dynamic Blocks and Sections

To process content for all Dynamic Blocks/Sections at once, select Actions > Process Dynamic Blocks and Sections. Note that after processing, Dynamic Content becomes static, i.e., you will be able to edit it, but it will lose connection to SharePoint data sources.

2. Inherit Style from Body

If you've made multiple changes to the styling of a block or section via the Style tab, and you're not happy with the results, you can revert to the default styling in one click: simply select the block or section, navigate to the Settings tab on the right, click the triple-dot dropdown and select Inherit Style from Body. This will revert the style back to default.


You can find and edit the default section and block styles in the Design tab.

3. Show/Hide Grid

The grid can help you position newsletter content or its elements with precision. It will appear as non-printable lines that float over the newsletter content.

To show the grid, select Actions > Show/Hide Grid.

4. Image gallery

Image gallery acts as a repository to quickly access your favourite photos, logos, and other visual elements. To use this feature, select the Gallery tab.

You can also upload multiple new images at once by dragging and dropping them in the gallery.

5. Background image

In JungleMail you can add a background image to a Section. Please note that not all email clients support background images. The Section background color will be used instead in this case. Make sure it works well with your content.

To add a background image to a section:

1. Select a Section, go to the Style tab and switch the Background Image toggle to On.

2. Click Browse and select the image you want to add to the background. Check the boxes below if you need to make further adjustments to image style.

6. Image editor

There are two ways you can open the image editor in JungleMail for Office 365.

In the image gallery:

1. Open the Image Gallery in the right panel.

2. Hover over the image, select the More actions button and click the Edit button.

In the Drag & Drop Builder (if the image has already been inserted):

1. Select the Image Block and click the Edit icon on the upper right corner of the image.

2. Alternatively, you can go to the Content tab and click Edit image.

The image editor contains 7 tabs, allowing you to quickly change the general look and feel of the image and see the results instantly.

  • Transform: change image size and aspect ratio
  • Filters: add filters (Black & White, Vintage, Cold etc.)
  • Adjust: change brightness, saturation, shadows etc.
  • Focus: add focus (radial, linear etc.)
  • Text Design: add text and text style
  • Frames: add frames (Wood, Art Decor etc.)
  • Overlays: add overlays (Clouds, Paper, Bokeh etc.)

Once you are happy with the results, click Save and the image will be saved in the gallery.

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