Sending newsletters

In this quick tutorial, you will learn how to start sending newsletters with JungleMail for Office 365.

1. Open the app

To begin, open the app and select Create Newsletter.

2. Select recipients

In the Recipients step, configure your newsletter parameters.

  • Newsletter title: give your newsletter a recognizable title.
  • Newsletter subject: Provide a newsletter subject.
  • Preview text: Provide a preview text (preheader) that the recipients will see before opening the newsletter.
  • Attachments: select files to be added to the newsletter.
  • From: select a sending account from the drop-down menu.
  • To: select one of six recipient sources.
  • Additional recipients: here, you may add recipients not present in the selected recipient source.
  • Exclusion filters: exclude recipients by criteria dependent on the selected recipient source. For example, you can use * to exclude all emails for a given domain.

To continue, on the bottom menu bar, select  Next or Template.

3. Select a template

Select a template or start from a blank slate. See Template management.

To continue, on the bottom menu bar, select  Next or Content.

3. Build content

Assemble your newsletter using Drag & Drop Builder. To personalize content automatically from a SharePoint list data, see Dynamic Content.

4. Preview

To preview the newsletter and send a test email (optional), on the bottom menu bar, click  Next or Preview.

To continue, on the bottom menu bar, click  Next or Settings/Send.

5. Send

In the Settings/Send step, configure sending-related parameters of your newsletter.

  • When to send: specify whether the newsletter should be sent immediately or at a specified date and time in the future.
  • Recurrent newsletter: specify whether a newsletter will repeat at preset times.
  • Report: check the box if you want the newsletter author to receive a report after a newsletter has been sent and if you want the newsletter author to receive the newsletter converted into a PDF together with the report.
  • Tracking: check the boxes to track email opens and (or) clicks.
  • Archive: check the box if you want to save the Newsletter to the SharePoint archive.

Once you are finished configuring all options, click Send now on the bottom menu bar.

Review newsletter status

After submitting a newsletter for sending, you will be redirected to the History & Monitoring tab. In the Running & Scheduled Newsletters section, you can see your current newsletter status, with options to pause or terminate further sending.

After the newsletter has been sent to all recipients, it will be moved to the History & Drafts section. Here, it will be placed in the Regular tab (for one-time newsletters) or Recurrent tab (for recurrent newsletters). It will also be available in the All Completed tab. To re-use the content or recipients, to copy the whole newsletter, or to delete newsletter, hover over the three dots and select an action.

Analyze results

In the Analytics tab, you can monitor your newsletter tracking statistics and export results to a CSV file. To learn more, see Understanding reports.

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