Branding and Monitoring site ( Enterprise Feature)

Branding and Monitoring site brings analytics reports from all JungleMail Sites, and displays all of those reports in one place.


This feature is only available for the Enterprise Package.

Global Administrator permissions in JungleMail for Office 365 are required to access and manage the Branding and Monitoring site. Please request it in the JungleMail app by navigating to JungleMail Settings > All Sites and clicking the Request global administrator permissions button. Othewise, you can request global administration permissions by contacting

Creating a Branding and Monitoring site

  1. Navigate to JungleMail Settings > All Sites
  2. Click the + New JungleMail Site button and select the Create Branding and Monitoring site option.

Opening the Branding and Monitoring site

The Branding and Monitoring site is not displayed by default under the Communication site dropdown in the top menu bar. To open the Cumulative reports site, navigate to JungleMail Settings > All Sites and click the Branding and Monitoring site name. 

To make the Branding and Monitoring site visible in the JungleMail Site dropdown menu, edit the settings of the Branding and Monitoring site and change the Hidden property to No.

The Branding and Monitoring Site will appear in the JungleMail Sites dropdown.

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