Where should I install JungleMail?

We recommend adding JungleMail to an empty site in SharePoint.

When you install JungleMail to your SharePoint site, you are asked to provide Read-level access to the site data. Read level permissions are required if you select the SharePoint list as a recipient source to read and resolve the recipient’s Email addresses. Also, Read access is required if you build newsletters with dynamic content to pick up news items from SharePoint and include them in the newsletter. To pick up recipients or dynamic content from a different site, JungleMail needs to be added to that site. 

By adding JungleMail to an empty site, it gives you flexibility if you need to revoke permissions for JungleMail to read content on your sites where you publish news content or have the contact information. This allows you to continue sending and designing emails in the original site. As an added benefit, you can easily control who has access to the app and the newsletters by limiting access to the site.

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