Dynamic recipient filtering

In JungleMail for Office 365 you can easily filter recipients from your Office 365 groups to make the sending of campaigns much more efficient and specific. In practice, this means that you can filter the recipients in your groups by, for example, department, city, project, etc. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use dynamic recipient filtering.

Sometimes, you will want to filter the recipients from your Office 365 groups to narrow down the specific people that you address with a particular campaign. With dynamic filtering,  you can easily select an Office 365 group and then filter recipients by conditions such as city or department. Let's have a closer look at how to use the dynamic filtering feature.

To filter recipients dynamically

1. Open JungleMail for Office 365. You will be directed to the Recipients step automatically.

2. Under the Recipient Source header, select Office 365, AD groups, then select a group or groups from the drop-down menu.

3. Under Filters, click Add additional condition.

4. Add a condition and click Apply conditions.


In the example below, we are using the City column in our recipient group as a condition starting point. For the Operator, we have selected Is equal to and then for Value, we have inserted London. Using these dynamic filtering settings, only those recipients in the group that have London listed as their city will receive an email.

5. In the same way,  it is possible you would only want to address the staff at your headquarters. To do this we have selected the Office column, the Operator Is equal to, and finally the Value Headquarters. Now only those employees whose main place of work is our headquarters will receive an email.

6. Simply continue creating your campaign as you would usually. Remember that in the Preview tab you will have the ability to review your recipients to make sure you selected the right filtering options.

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