Sending error after changing Office 365 account password


After having changed the password of an Office 365 account used as a sending account in the app, newsletters are no longer sent.


JungleMail for Office 365 does not require and does not store Office 365 account passwords. Instead, the app uses access tokens provided by Microsoft. The tokens are only valid temporarily and give the app limited access to a user’s data. If the Office 365 account password is changed, the access token is no longer valid and that sending account will not be able to send emails.


 To renew the token and fix the issue, take the following steps:

1. Go to Sending Accounts in the app settings and click Create new sending account.

2. Select Office 365 and sign in the account with the new password.

To check if the emails will be sent before submitting your newsletter, you can send a test email from the Preview step in the app. If that email is sent successfully, submitting your newsletter will work, too.

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